App Discontinuation Notice:
“Kurashi no Koyomi,” “72 Seasons,” and “72 Seasons Nara”

 Thank you for using the following three applications: “Kurashi no Koyomi”, “72 Seasons”, and “72 Seasons Nara” for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Services for this series of three “Kurashi no Koyomi” apps will be discontinued as of noon on Friday, February 2, 2024, Japan time.

We are deeply grateful for your enthusiastic use of these apps over the 15 long years since we launched them in 2009, and express our sincere thanks. At the same time, we realize the inconvenience it will cause and ask for your understanding.

You can continue to enjoy using the Japanese language version of “Kurashi no Koyomi” for books and eBooks. Thank you for your continued support of “Kurashi no Koyomi”.



As of Tuesday October 10, 2023, Japan time, introduction of the apps through the App Store and Google Play will cease. As a result of this, the “New Download,” “Buy Paid Content,” and “Restore” buttons will no longer be usable. The “Buy” button will continue to function, but will not be supported.

As of noon on Friday, February 2, 2024, Japan time, we will discontinue services. After discontinuation, viewing will not be possible even if you access the apps.


【For customers who purchased content】
Regarding paid content purchased for “Kurashi no Koyomi” or “72 Seasons,” you will be able to continue to view only seasons that you have already viewed at least once even after services are discontinued. However, seasons that you have not viewed (displayed) at least once since purchase will cease to be viewable after discontinuation of services. Therefore, please view all seasons in your paid content ahead of October 10, 2023, Japan time. (This does not apply, however, in the case of major changes to iPhone or iPad specifications.)

Regarding paid content purchased for “Kurashi no Koyomi / 72 Seasons” for Android, you will not be able to view any content after discontinuation of services. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Please be aware that, for all iPhone, iPad, and Android models, if you replace your model or uninstall the apps on or after October 11, 2023, Japan time, then you will be unable to view any of the content.

Refunds cannot be given for purchased content. Thank you for your understanding.

(Sep / 8 / 2023)


72 Seasons

A year of nature, food and tradition seen through the ancient Japanese calendar.

72 Seasons is the first ever application based on the ancient Japanese calendar, in which the year is divided into 24 and then 72 separate seasons. “Spring Winds Thaw the Ice”, “The First Peach Blossoms”, “Damp Earth Humid Heat”, “The Maple and the Ivy Turn Yellow”.  The 72 Seasons app brings you photographs, illustrations, haiku poems and words based on the poetic names of the seasons, each of which depicts a subtle change in the natural world throughout the year. The app updates according to the old 72 season calendar, approximately every 5 days, allowing you enjoy an ancient yet refreshingly new way to feel the year progress, unhindered by precise dates and times.

About the 24 and 72 season calendars.

Japan has four beautiful seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. The rich expressions of each season color our lives throughout the year, and historically the Japanese have paid special attention to the seasons and their influence on daily life since olden times.

The origins of that can be found in the ancient 24 season calendar. The path of the sun as seen from Earth creates a zodiac, 360 degrees divided into 24 15-degree sections, each one given a name to depict the seasonal changes through the year, with each season lasting just 15 days.

In olden times a lunar calendar was used, based on the waxing and waning of the moon, which meant that the position of the sun and the dates on the calendar would gradually shift out of sync. It is possible that the 24 season calendar was a way to compensate for this, and provide a calendar that satisfactorily depicted the changes in the seasons which matched with daily life.

And beyond that, each season of the 24 season calendar was then divided again into three more, to create the 72 season calendar. Each of these 72 seasons lasts just five days or so, and the names of each season beautifully depict the tiny, delicate changes in nature that occur around us, year in year out.

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72 Seasons for iOS (iPad and iPhone versions)


72 Seasons for Android



72 Seasons Nara

72 Seasons Nara
This is a perfect application as a partner on your journey around Nara,
presenting the charms of the prefecture in both English and Japanese.


72 Seasons Nara for iOS (iPad and iPhone versions)


72 Seasons Nara for Android


About “Utsukushii Kurashikata Institute”
Established in November 2010 by Dentsu and Heibonsha, the “Beautiful Living Research Lab” (“Utsukushii Kurashikata Institute” in Japanese) project proposes a beautiful lifestyle by focusing on how people in Japan have been living their daily lives from time immemorial, and on how this knowhow has been incorporated into modern-day life.


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