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アプリ「奈良こよみ/72 Seasons Nara」


くらしのこよみ」初のエリア版として、七十二候にそって奈良の魅力をすみずみまでご紹介するアプリ「奈良こよみ/72 Seasons Nara」が登場しました。





※2023年10月10日(火)をもちまして、App StoreおよびGoogle Playからのアプリのご案内を終了いたしました。
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72 Seasons Nara

This is a perfect application as a partner on your journey around Nara,
presenting the charms of the prefecture in both English and Japanese.

“72 Seasons Nara”has been released as a series of apps related to “72 Seasons” . This introduces the charms of Nara on each 72 seasons.
Japan’s ancient capital, Nara, breathes with over 1300 years of history. From the north to the south of the prefecture, festivals and events celebrating its long history take place throughout the year, and the land flourishes with a wealth of seasonal foods. With 72 Seasons Nara you can learn more of this bountiful place, and tune your travels to the seasons. The main page updates approximately every five days, bringing you information for your trip. The “Seasonal Adventure” section gives suggestions for your travels for each of the main seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Price :         Free of charge
Platforms:   iOS and Android
Languages: English and Japanese (selectable within the app)


※As of Tuesday October 10, 2023, Japan time, introduction of the apps through the App Store and Google Play ceased. As a result of this, the “New Download,” “Buy Paid Content,” and “Restore” buttons will no longer be usable. The “Buy” button will continue to function, but will not be supported.

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